Sakura 4-H Clubs ~ What’s New with 4-H?

With a new year, the Sakura Clubs welcome the Malama Dolphins to Wailuku Hongwanji. The Malama Dolphins are made up of six 5th graders and are led by Emi Orikasa and Jill Maki`i. We look forward to hearing all about what they are up to this year.

In January, the Lōkahi Girls were honored with a visit from Chef Carl Yeh of Restaurant Matsu. He talked about the history of sushi and demonstrated how to make California rolls. Then the girls had a chance to become sushi chefs for the day and made their favorite maki sushi. Chef Carl gifted each their own makisu (sushi mat) so they can continue to make sushi for their families at home. Thank you Chef Carl!

As we approach the middle of the 4-H year, the Lōkahi girls will be focusing on their project topic, FOOD, completing their record books and preparing for Teach-in. Keep up the good work!


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Aloha Girls: Grades 1-2
Lōkahi Girls: Grades 3-4
Malama Dolphins: Grade 5

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