Embarking on a Scout Adventure! Celeste Raban

Scout Sunday, a vibrant celebration of scouting, unfolded on February 4th, with our Troop taking charge of brunch for our church members. The culinary journey included a spread featuring miso pork, mixed vegetables, and hand-rolled sushi cones—a delightful departure from the usual brunch fare.

On a different day, our Boy Scouts embarked on a meaningful visit to "The Wall That Heals" at the War Memorial. Here, they delved into the Vietnam War's intricate details, gaining insights into the workings of the draft system. The experience was hands-on as they did rubbings of the names engraved on the wall, connecting with the poignant stories of those who served. Wartime relics served as silent witnesses, adding a tangible dimension to their understanding of history.

These two distinct events offered our Scouts a rich blend of culinary delights and a poignant historical journey, showcasing the diverse experiences they encounter on their scouting adventures. Scout's honor!


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