We Have the Cutest Pumpkins in the Patch!


The classroom is getting decorated with lots of fall colors and artwork. We are continuing our color and shape unit and will be talking about fire safety after we return from fall break. We will get to visit the temple and hear stories shared from Sensei, celebrate Halloween with a Trunk or Treat and start our lessons in Hawaiiana with Kumu Nitahara.

 Tiny Heros: Preschoolers Unite to Spread Joy and Support! 

In a heartwarming gesture, preschoolers united to spread joy and support in their community! Wailuku Preschool, Makawao Preschool and Little Star Preschool Too (from San Francisco) joined forces, collecting teddy bears and essential donations. Wailuku and Makawao’s tiny tots donated cuddly teddies to Na Keiki O Emalia, bringing smiles to children in need. Meanwhile, Little Star Preschool Too stepped up for five families from Wailuku Hongwanji Preschool, who faced challenges after the Lahaina wildfires. Together, these little heroes made a big impact, showcasing the power of compassion and unity in our youngest generation!

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