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5th Virtual State Dharma School Gathering Event
“Just As You Are”

In the Amida Sutra, “There are lotus flowers, as large as chariot wheels, growing in the pools. Those of blue color emit blue radiance; those of yellow color emit yellow radiance; those of red color emit red radiance; and those of white color emit white radiance.”

Students in break out rooms were asked to think about the lotuses, and pick a color that they liked and could relate to, share what that color makes them feel and possibly relate ideas to the Dharma. WHM students Kamauoha, Heleonahe, Sam, and Tate all had wonderful contributions to their groups. From the educator’s session, teachers Shelley, Sandy, and Joan, received ideas and inspiration to share with their students. Edythe Vassall, delegate to the recent FDSTL Conference in Palo Alto, shared her thoughts on relevant ways of approaching Jodo Shinshu teachings with our students as today’s world is much more different than before. Bishop Umitani shared a message that related to the concept of accepting yourself, just as you are. We are all embraced by Amida. S


Who is Shakyamuni Buddha?

WHM Dharma School held its first class in September to learn about the historical Buddha who is the founder of Buddhism. Students ranging in grades preschool to high school gathered in four separate classrooms to learn and participate in activities on the lesson of Shakyamuni Buddha. Teachers are Shelley Quipotla - preschool to 1st grade; Sandy Hirata – 2nd to 3rd grade; Laurie Fukushima-Tsai – 4th to 6th grade; and Joan Tamori – 7th to high school. Sammy Takamura serves as a substitute teacher

Bingo Time with Grandparents & Church Members!

Also in September in honor of grandparents’ day, Dharma school students hosted a bingo game complete with prizes of cans of Spam and beans, facial tissues, lotions and soaps, toilet paper, notebooks, purses and bags, kitchen gadgets, etc. that adults could use. Dharma School students confidently took turns calling out numbers. Joining in the bingo game were also fellow members of Lahaina Hongwanji who have been attending our temple’s Sunday services. Everyone joined in the fun
As the Community Temple, we are here to serve both temple members and non-members alike. We are today, a 21st century organization