Scouts’ Blast from the Past!

Written by: Gary Murai & Celest Rabang
This cartoon, from a 1956 Boys Life magazine, shows two Boy Scouts who were members of Post 140 sponsored by the Wailuku Young Buddhist Association (sure sounds like our Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Scout Troop!) What is most notable about the Scouts is who they were and what happened to them after the day Aaron Tokunaga saved Gerald Kushi. Aaron became a national karate champion who, unfortunately, passed away in a car accident in his 20s. Aaron’s family are still members of Wailuku Hongwanji Temple to this day. Gerald Kushi became a physician and practiced medicine on Maui until his passing. Had Aaron not saved Gerald all those years ago, Gerald would not have gone on to become a much needed doctor on Maui. Scouts can do great things and our Boy Scouts, today, are no different than the scouts from 68 years ago! Our Scouts should be proud to be a part of this legacy and to carry on these values. And our Wailuku Hongwanji Members should also be proud to support the worthwhile and important activities that help instill this level of preparation for the service of mankind and the protection of nature in our Troop 40 scouts, today. Keep up the great work, Scouts!
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