Impactful Initiatives

November has been an inspiring month for Troop 40, marked by meaningful endeavors showcasing the Scouts’ unwavering commitment to service and personal development. We’re thrilled to highlight two noteworthy achievements, accompanied by captivating images that vividly capture the spirit of our Scouts in action.

Dominic’s Dedication: Assembling PPE Kits for Maui Wildfire Survivors: Exceptional Scout Dominic spearheaded a project in collaboration with local organizations to assemble Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits for Maui Wildfire Survivors. Meticulously crafted, these kits contain essential items to support individuals affected by wildfires on our beautiful island. The pictures to the right showcase Dominic’s dedication and the collaborative efforts of Troop 40 in assembling these vital kits, illustrating the impactful contribution of our Scouts to the well-being of our community.

Scouts Pursuing Personal Fitness Merit Badge - A Commitment to Well-Being: Our Scouts have actively pursued their Personal Fitness merit badge, demonstrating a commitment to physical activity, healthy living, and personal growth. Troop 40 Scouts are seen in action during various fitness activities as they strive towards achieving their merit badge goals. The images below capture the enthusiasm and dedication exhibited by our Scouts during their Personal Fitness merit badge sessions, exemplifying Troop 40’s commitment to fostering not only outdoor skills but also the overall well-being of our Scouts.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Troop 40. It is through the dedication of our Scouts and the encouragement from our Troop community that we continue to make a positive impact.

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