Temple Tales: Unveiling Properties Projects!

Join us on a thrilling journey through our temple's remarkable property projects! From lush landscapes to stunning renovations, our dedicated team is turning dreams into reality.
  • Landscape Planting and Irrigation: A majestic transformation completed on 5/17/2023 to make our grounds a breathtaking sight.
  • Minister's House Makeover: Prepare to be awestruck as our talented partners, including Arisumi Brothers, Pro-Bilt, and Glen Higa bring new life to every corner. Rev. & Mrs. Murakami even had to temporarily move out for perfection!
  • Yagura Restoration: Our iconic Yagura stands tall and proud once again, thanks to the magic touch of Pro-Bilt Construction Company.
Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey of temple transformations. Want to be part of the magic? Contact our Temple Office at  (808) 244-0406. Together, we'll create wonders!
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