Slurp & Savor

Elevating Chopstick Proficiency with Somen Nagashi

On March 27, the Gakuen students got to experience a tasty Japanese tradition “Somen Nagashi” while exercising their hashi (chopstick) use mastery.

Somen is a thin Japanese wheat noodle popularly enjoyed during hot summers. The noodles are boiled briefly, then chilled in icy cold water. Cooked somen is then served with mentsuyu (a dipping sauce made from soy sauce, mirin, and dashi). It’s known for its delicate texture, light taste, and is commonly garnished with toppings like negi (green onions) and nori (seaweed). It’s popular for a refreshing, low-calorie meal during Japan’s heat.

One of the most fun and interactive ways to enjoy somen is somen nagashi (nagashi meaning “flow” in Japanese). A long tube is positioned at an angle from high to low to create a “waterslide” where the noodles make their way down a stream of flowing water. Students used their agile hashi skills to “catch” those slippery noodles as they slide past in the flowing cold water. Students had to act quick, or they would miss the next bite! Chaos and laughter erupted as students plunged their hashi into the stream, hoping to capture their meal.

Somen nagashi is a unique culinary experience that both adults and children love to enjoy. Because of the challenging nature jostling with others, somen nagashi is seen as a fun group activity and even a school festival activity, making a perfect occasion for our Gakuen students as well!

With just a month and a half left of the school year, the students at Gakuen have been soaking up a ton of knowledge this year. This communal experience was not just about slurping somen, but also about having fun and building connections, allowing students to unwind. As they gear up to wrap up another school year, moments like these will stick with them as some of the coolest memories of their time at Gakuen. 

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