Personal Obutsudans

Dharma School Students Construct Personal Obutsudans

An “obutsudan” is a small household altar. In October and November, students worked hard to build their personal obutsudans. Together with parents and teachers, they sanded and glued “kamaboko” wood pieces, and painted their personal obutsudans. They also placed small floral stems in decorated film canisters as part of their altars. The Buddha’s image and candlelight Above Right: Erik, Logan, Kellen, Kamauoha, Kaden, Bottom Right: We thank DS parent, Kawika, for assisting Risa and Erik with his expertise in woodworking. Top: Sophia, Jaxon, Nahe, Cooper, and Tate, try their best to sand their pieces while parents and teachers assist. Left: Sophia and Eva paint their altars very carefully. Bottom: Brother Kamau assists Nahe with assembling pieces to glue. Center Right: Naomi (with mom Jamie) smiles proudly at her painted altar! Above Left: Kora, Jaxon, and Kaden waiting for Uncle Ed to catch some guppies for them. Thank you to Grandpa Ouchi for all the pretty guppies! will be added as well. Before constructing, students learned about the Buddhist altar adornments and their purpose/meaning. Rev. Murakami will hold an obutsudan dedication ceremony for students after all have been completely constructed.
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