Enlightening Beginnings at Preschool


We are delighted to share the joyous news of yet another successful registration day at our preschool, marking the children’s return after the winter break. The enthusiasm and positive energy filled the air as our young learners embarked on a new chapter of exploration and discovery.

This month holds a special theme for our little ones as they delve into the understanding of jobs within our community and how these roles contribute to the wellbeing of others. The journey of knowledge took an exciting turn when Captain Mark, representing the Story Book Theatre, graced our preschool with a visit. Accompanied by his giant Whale friends, Harmony and Melody, Captain Mark brought tales that captivated the hearts and minds of our young learners.

In the spirit of nurturing curiosity and compassion, these experiences lay the foundation for a harmonious blend of education and joy in our preschool community. We extend our gratitude to Captain Mark for sharing his time and stories, inspiring our children on their path of learning and understanding.

May the seeds of wisdom planted in our preschool blossom into compassionate hearts and inquisitive minds.

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