to the Budding Careers of Our Class of 2024!

As we bid farewell to another wonderful class of our Buddhist Preschool, we can’t help but feel immense pride in the bright futures that lie ahead for each of our graduates. With dreams as diverse as the petals of a lotus, our young learners have shared their aspirations for the paths they wish to tread. Here’s a glimpse into the aspirations of our Class of 2024:

  • Adam, son of Rose & Erano, aims to serve his community as a Police Officer.
  • Alexis, daughter of Kayla and Alex, dreams of healing as a Doctor.
  • Axton, son of Sierra & Akoni, seeks to unlock the mysteries of science as a Scientist. 
  • Colton, son of Sharla & Derrick, is determined to uphold justice as a Police Officer.
  • Darien, son of Rashana & Allan, sets his sights on the stars as an Astronaut. 
  • Eve, daughter of Kelly & Jordan, nurtures dreams of caring for our furry friends as a Veterinarian. 
  • Henry, son of Amber & Jonathan, envisions himself as a Sergeant in the Police Department. 
  • Julian, son of Krestina & Allen, aspires to soar the skies with Hawaiian Airlines.
  • Kaikana, son of Malia & Moses, shares Eve’s passion for animal care, aspiring to be a Veterinarian.
  • Kian, son of Kristina & Lee, plans to brave the flames as a Fire Fighter.
  • Ku’u, daughter of Jolene & Duke, dreams of taking flight as a Pilot.
  • Luca, son of Leslie & Jayson, also aspires to command the skies as a Pilot.
  • Lyla Jean, daughter of Anuenuenani & Kenworth, finds her calling in providing healing touch as a Nurse.
  • Olenapolanilaunaole, daughter of Sarah & Andrew, envisions bright smiles as a Dentist.
  • Owen, son of Courtney & Miguel, shares Alexis’s dream of healing as a Doctor.
  • Taizen, son of Jahmarran & Justin, stands ready to fight fires as a Firefighter.
  • Zoe, daughter of Samantha and Edgar, is prepared to provide urgent care as a Paramedic.
  • Zoey Mendonsa, daughter of Jessica and David, echoes Eve and Kaikana’s love for animals, aspiring to be a Veterinarian 

As these young minds embark on their journeys, may they carry with them the wisdom, compassion, and resilience cultivated during their time at our preschool. We wish them all the success and fulfillment as they pursue their dreams and make a positive impact on the world around them. Congratulations, Class of 2024!

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