Propagation Program Grant (Up to $10,000)

Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii “Propagation Program Grant Committee” would like to announce to all of you that a “Propagation Program Grant” is available to all of you for “New and wonderful ideas for propagating Nembutsu teachings into our community". Would you like to share your wonderful and creative Dharma projects with all of our community? If so, take action right away! We all are looking forward to seeing your innovative ideas!

The committee reviews all grant applications, which meet the following criteria:

1. New, innovative, creative ideas or activities focusing on Buddhist Education and the propagation of the Dharma.
2. Each project may be funded only once within 5 years.
3. The maximum amount of the grant must not exceed $10,000.00
4. The project would have statewide implications/ potential.

For more information regarding this program or to apply, please check with your resident minister or HQ.

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