CLASS OF 2023:

 It's hard to believe that in a few weeks, we will have 20 alumni of Wailuku Hongwanji Preschool. We are committed to provide these graduates, returning children, as well as future students, with a positive, loving and healthy environment to encourage their religious, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development to the fullest potential. We will miss each and every one of you. Come back to visit us anytime!  CLASS OF 2023: Bodhi N., Ku'u Sweetie D., Bradey A. Landon C., Cove S., Liev S,. Elliot Y., Lihau K. Ella H. Lilinoe M. Estella S., Lucas S. B., Franklyn M. Nailah W., Hi'ilani M., Reiko N., Kaipo H., Tate Q., Kate F., Tyzo T.

As the Community Temple, we are here to serve both temple members and non-members alike. We are today, a 21st century organization